150 things to do in Ottawa during Canada’s 150th anniversary


1. Frank’s – A hidden gem that serves the best butter tarts and killer sandwiches. Be prepared to wait in line if you go on a weekday at lunch hour.

2. Suspended dining – As one of the city’s Canada 150 signature events dinner will be served 50 metres in the air. Each night for one week in August diners will have the opportunity for an extreme dining experience.

3. Eating Ethiopian food – Habesha Restaurant on Rideau street is a must try.

4. Eating a Beavertail – obviously.

5. Eat dessert at OhSoGood – It’s so, so good.

6. Drink international beers – Pub Italia has a beer bible with hundreds of beers from around the world. Worship.

7. Eat charcuterie and Trio Lounge – You may easily have missed Trio because it’s a small dark late-night only hole in the wall nestled in the heart of Westboro. If you like cheese and cured meats, or just cozy atmospheres you need to go.

8. Eat pizza at Tenessee Willems – Arguably the best pizza in the city. I said it. I stand by it.

9. Feasting at food fests – Throughout the year dozens of food festivals invade the city including rib fest, poutine fest, mac and cheese fest to name a few!

10. The underground beats and perogies at House of TARG – If you want loud music and perogies in one place House of TARG has got you covered. Perogies sell out quick so make sure to get there early if your banking on them!

11. Shawarma Palace – You’re not truly a member of the Ottawa community until you’ve tried Shawarma Palace on Bank and Hunt Club.

12. Acai Smoothie bowls – Visit The Blended Berry for one of their smoothies in a bowl. Located on Preston Street it doesn’t get better for healthy street food.

13. Mooshu ice cream – Homemade flavours like black sesame await at this tiny local ice cream hut. Find it at 477 Bank St.

14. Try the eggs in purgatory at Wilf and Ada’s – a brunch you won’t forget. This tiny kitchen on Bank Street needs no introduction, just try it for yourself.

15. Eat cakes at Holland Cakes and Shakes – With cake flavours like party mix you know it’s a good time. This little cake shop also sells brown bag lunches that are hand-packed right in front of you.

16. Eating a nature bar at Planet Coffee – If you can figure out the recipe, hook me up!

17. Drinking tea at DavidsTea – If you’re a tea lover or a tea hater you’ve got to see what DAVIDsTea has come up with. There are hundreds of teas to choose from so you’re bound to find something you like.

18. Eating at La Bottega – Biggest. Best. Sandwiches. Ever.

19. Oysters at Elmdale Tavern – Freshest oysters in town. Grab a stool at the bar and let loose.

20. Tooth and Nail brewpub – Another addition to the craft beer industry where local brew master Matthew Tweedy and his wife have built a brewpub complete with board games, small kitchen and many, many beers. Find them at 3 Irving Ave.

21. SuzyQ donuts – If you haven’t yet, you’ve got to. The local donut shop just expanded to a larger storefront and kitchen where they have more space to create their delicious puffs of pastry. More space means more donuts!

22. Bipimbap – A delicious Korean dish with rice, vegetables and a raw egg cracked overtop. Typically it is served in a hot stone bowl that cooks the egg as you stir the ingredients together. Look for the bipimbap food cart at farmer’s markets across the city, or check out Koreana restaurant in Chinatown.

23. Eating some bao at Gongfu Bao cart – The best street food. Hands down. Find them at local farmer’s markets and throughout the week at Confederation Park.

24. Building your own caesar – The Red Lion restaurant on Clarence Street has a build-your-own caesar buffet every Sunday. You’re welcome.

25. Flapjack’s Pancakes – Food truck turned restaurant. Flapjack’s is the ultimate hangover cure and the most Canadian restaurant to ever exist. Find it on Preston St.

26. Eating Chipotle – Ottawa now has a Chipotle Mexican Grill. We can finally find out what Americans have been complaining about for years! Located at 50 Rideau St.

27. Hosting a wine tasting – No need to hire a sommelier, just gather some friends, a couple bottles, print out some tasting note sheets and enjoy!

28. The steak tartare at Two-Six(Ate) – Just trust me.

29. Eat tacos – Release your inner Californian and grab some tacos at El Camino. You won’t regret it. The Restaurant is open until midnight and the walk-up window open until 2 a.m. Flavours include ox-tongue, tuna tartare, slow roasted pork, braised lamb and crispy fish. ($10)

30. Sweet Jesus – Grab some soft-serve from the most insta-grammable shop in town. Flavours change weekly and include s’mores and cotton candy. If ice cream isn’t your thing they also offer coffee and hot chocolate!
97 Clarence Street, in the market.

Photo by: Mary Fournier

31. Eat Obama cookies – Back in 2009 Barack Obama enjoyed a cookie at Moulin de Provence, perhaps the most recognizable ByWard market destination. The shortbread shaped like a maple leaf with “Canada” written across it has ever since been known as “The Obama cookie.”


32. Coffee with kitties – This spring Feline cafe will offer coffee with a side of purrs. Read more about Ottawa’s first cat cafe here.

33. Try to escape an insane asylum or a jail cell – The mind-puzzle games boomed in Ottawa two years ago. Now there are dozens of escape room locations to check out.
Escape Manor, Tick Tock escape, and Jigsaw escape rooms to name a few.

34. Visiting the IMAX – Typically more documentary-oriented films are showcased at the IMAX theatre at the museum of natural history.

35. Checking out a film at a classic theatre – Each night of the week heritage theatres show classic and current movies on the big screen. These theatres offer a different experience with less seating, projector-run and offer a more interactive experience.
MayFair Theatre – Sunnyside Ave., Gladstone Theatre – Gladstone Ave.

36. Supporting a new charity – At any given time there are dozens of good causes to support all across the city. Pick one and do your part.

37. Take a brew tour – Formal brew tours can be arranged using services like Brew Donkey in Hintonburg but hopping around to local brewpubs is a great way to taste-test craft beers that are being brewed here in the city and a way to support local businesses.

38. Fireworks competition – Sound of Light is an epic display of pyrotechnics set to music. Countries around the world compete in what is the city’s best light show. Check it out at the Casino du Lac Leamy every year in August.

39. Galleries – Not only is the National Art Gallery a staple that houses timeless works of art but also smaller local galleries are open to visitors for little to no cost. Check out Wallspace gallery in Westboro, Saw gallery on Nicholas Street

40. Volunteer – There are so many opportunities to give your time to a good cause. Often volunteers are given privilege to the event taking place as well – specifically at Bluesfest where as a volunteer you listen to the shows for free.

41. Attend question period – If you’re curious about what is happening in the legislature, or how Justin Trudeau is doing in the hot seat on any given day, you may want to visit inside the House of Commons on Parliament Hill. While some meetings can be uneventful there are always important issues being discussed.

42. Learn to code – If you’re curious how to keep up with the web development world or to learn new coding skills often there are lessons going on in the city that can teach you.
Ladies Learning Code – locations varied (120-150)

43. Take a wild walk – If your interested in free food, why not learn how to find it yourself. By learning to forage from a knowledgeable source you can eventually do some gathering of your own. Check out The Wild Garden and Nanabush Farms if you’re interested. Typically the spring and summer are the best times to learn.

44. Connecting to community – Many organizations across the city host meetings and gathering opportunities. Check out HappinessHabits and HUBOttawa as well as apt613 to see community projects to attend.

45. Giving blood and stem-cell donation – If you’re eligible, why not? Blood donations are always needed.

46. The VIP movie experience – If you’re looking for the ultimate date night it’s worth the extra cost to get the VIP treatment. Lansdowne Cineplex theatres offers VIP seating for 25 dollars a ticket which includes a big comfy recliner seat and in-theatre service.

47. Keeping bees – Ontario’s bee population is depleting. Since 2013, which was the worst year on record for the honeybees, apiaries have been working to attract new beekeepers. Paul Lacelle, owner of Lacelle’s apiary and beekeeping supplies in Carleton Place sells all the equipment you need to get started. Also try looking for resources in the city through the host a hive program from Gees Bees honey company.

48. Checking out the Govenor general’s residence – Not a bad place to take your grandma.

49. Growing hops – The craft beer industry boomed in Ottawa in the past 5 years. Just this past year some breweries like Beyond the Pale in Hintonburg put out a call to action for those wanting to try their green thumb at growing hops. The brewery would then collect the hops and use them in their brewing after harvest. It’s a win-win.

50. Inspiration village – To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday events will take place inside the shipping-container built installation space from May 20 – Sept. 4

51. Taking a hop-on, hop-off – I’ve lived in Ottawa for 26 years and just did this last summer. I learned a lot I didn’t know about my city and would recommend checking it out with a friend from out of town.

52. Visiting the experimental farm – Pretty much a must-do for anyone who is new to Ottawa. Walking the grounds is a great way to spend time outdoors. Especially the arboretum.

53. Taking a haunted walk – It seems every city has a haunted walk – Ottawa has several! Tour the city jails, the Mackenzie King estate or the city streets where the creepiest corners of the city are exposed.
$16.75 for students.

54. Antiquing – Antiquing can be expensive. But it’s fun to browse and you may come up with a great find! Check out Yardley’s in Old Ottawa South and Ottawa Antique Market across the street.

55. Visiting museums – The Museum of Natural History, Aviation and Space museum, War museum, and Nature museum are the big ones but there are plenty of smaller but just as interesting museums to wander in.

Photo by: Lara Vronick

56. Maple tapping – Considered a Canadian pastime it’s surprising that a a maple-fest hasn’t happened sooner for the city. Finally SugarLumberFest is born. On April 8 all things maple taffy will be celebrated complete with Lumberjack competition. Tickets are $18-49 per person.

57. Musical Ride – Royal Canadian Mounted Police train their horses to perform in what’s known as the musical ride. Definitely a classic for all ages to enjoy.

58. Perfecting your public speaking – Do yourself a favour and prepare for those public speaking moments. Toastmasters has multiple city branches and allows for the opportunity to practice your speech skills.

59. Picking apples – Fill your basket with delicious, local apples at the pick-your-own orchards across the city.

60. Concerts and live music – Sub-zero concert series at Winterlude, CityFolk, Bluesfest, JazzFest, as well as dozens more shows and music festivals take place across the city. Nearly every weekend has some live music to witness. Despite having the reputation as the city that musicians struggle in, it looks like Ottawa is working to change that in 2017.

61. NAC – The National Arts Centre hosts talented artists from around the world. The NAC offers a 50 per cent discount for students so why not check out a ballet or a concert.

62. High tea – Feel fancy by joining the aristocrats for tea time at Zoe’s Lounge in the Chateau Laurier hotel. Or for a less expensive experience, try another location like the Vanitea room on Somerset St.

63. Deprivation chamber – Ever wonder what it would be like to be surrounded by nothingness? Thanks to Tank Action Float centre on Carling Avenue you can find out.

64. Try Tiff – Usually a Toronto-only film festival, Tiff is extending it’s reach across the country for the world’s largest one-day film festival. Stay tuned for details but April 19 this year will be the festival screening date with Ottawa sure to be participating.

65. Take a cooking class – Not the cheapest way to make dinner but Urban Element offers a class, ingredients and wine pairing for those interested in learning how to master a dish. Location: Parkdale Ave.

66. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary – Local animal sanctuary Big Sky Ranch welcomes volunteers to help feed, clean and spend quality time with neglected animals. Owner Andy Parent started the shelter after buying a single horse for his boys to ride, then animals in need just kept arriving at his doorstep.

67. Spend time with butterflies – Butterflies invade the Annual Biology Butterfly show at Carleton University for the first week in October. Surrounding yourself with the butterflies is free and offers an opportunity to meet over 1,300 beautiful insects.

68. Checking out Little Bones Ottawa – Turns out taxidermy isn’t just stuffed animals. At Little Bones Ottawa and the Ottawa Tattoo Expo you’ll find lots of beautiful collections of handmade terrariums that might surprise you by their beauty.

69. Farmer’s Markets – Plenty of local purveyors and farmers fill out a well rounded Ottawa market scene. Nearly every borough has a market nearby.

70. Visit a VR lab – Virtual Reality is quietly working it’s way into mainstream. University of Ottawa and local companies are working on making VR available to the public. Colony VR is up and running already.

71. Get involved in STEM – Great organizations are working to bring science and technology engineering and math to youth across the city and country. Both uOttawa and Carleton have clubs that support youth programs like this that are looking for volunteers. Check out the work that local non-profit Actua is working on with Google and Apple.

72. Kontinuum Multimedia experience – Ottawa is setting up an underground immersive experience set to launch in June 2017 at the site of the future LRT station.

73. Tulip Festival – Everyone loves the story behind one of Ottawa’s most beloved festivals. Thousands of bulbs are donated to Ottawa from Holland every year to make it happen – what’s not to love?

74. Getting lost in the second largest IKEA in North America – It was a big deal when the giant furniture store turned even more giant here in Ottawa. Location: Just drive down the Queensway, you can’t miss it.

75. Winterlude – Perhaps the festival that Ottawa is best known for. For newcomers to Ottawa it’s a great way to experience the beauty of winter in the city. For Ottawa natives it’s still a hot spot that’s not to be missed.

76. Movies in the park – Centretown movies set up a film viewing in DunDonald park on Somerset Street West throughout the summer months. Check out the schedule online and enjoy some fresh air while watching.

77. Le Nordik – While it isn’t within Ottawa’s city limits, the Scandinavian spa experience is easily accessible and guaranteed to relax you. It’s cheap night on Tuesdays if you’re on a budget.

78. Italia Week – Definitely a culture fest not to be missed. The week long festival takes place on Preston Street in Little Italy where all of the storefront owners and restaurants come together in the most neighbourly way.

79. Tour the mint – In fact not as boring as you’d think. It’s pretty cool to see where all of the country’s money is made.

80. Sauntering down Sparks Street – Always a classic Ottawa afternoon as Sparks street offers busker fest and food fests as well as local window shopping opportunities.

81. Taking the scenic route – Take the long way into the city driving Ottawa’s parkways and bi-ways, you never know what you’ll find.

82. Taking the most iconic Ottawa photo at Nepean Point – Get your camera and take the picture that is postcard worthy

83. Visit the tree park in Gatineau – Manicured shrubs and trees never needed so much attention!

84. Finding good stuff at Great Glebe Garage Sale – Get there early and bring a fried that owns a truck.

85. Culture festivals – Greek fest, Lebanese fest, Ottawa Asian fest, Oktoberfest – Ottawa honours all cultures through heritage festivals every year. Try them all and experience all that this city has to offer!

86. Meeting jewelry designers – Magpie jewelry stores with two locations in the city host designer meet and greet while showcasing beautifully handmade Canadian pieces. Locations: Westboro and Rideau Centre.

87. Taking in a rooftop view – Andaz contemporary hotel popped up and offered Ottawa a beautiful view and dining experience last year. Take it all in for yourself.


88. Try Canada’s favourite sport – Probably the most fun you’ll have trying a new sport. Grab a team of six or eight and rent a sheet of ice to throw some rocks. Curling is big in Ottawa and many rinks welcome newcomers!
Nepean Sportsplex, RNC Curling Club in Little Italy ($10)

89. Nature walk – There are dozens of walking trails within the city limits. Jack Pine trail, Sarsaparilla trail, Mer Bleue bog to name just a few.

90. Skate – They say you’re never more than 100 metres from a rink in Ottawa. Ok, no one says that but it’s probably true! In the downtown core there are several outdoor rinks to lace up and skate for free not to mention the 7.8 kilometre open rink that stretches across the city. Find ODRs in residential neighbourhoods all over the Ottawa valley.
(Rideau Canal, Rink of Dreams at City Hall, Skating Court at Landsdowne)

91. Paddleboarding – Great activity to try that requires no heavy equipment. Rental boards available at Westboro Beach as well as SUP Standup paddleboarding on Bank Street.

92. Late-night bowling – 8p.m. ’til late. $12 per person for two hours at Westpark bowling. Check out McArthur bowling lanes open until 10p.m. for $4.50 a game. An Ottawa destination since 1966.

93. Try parkour – Laws of Motion is one club in Ottawa that is sharing the love of parkour for beginners. Check out more details here.

94. White-water rafting – Just west of Ottawa lies some wicked rapids that are just waiting to be conquered. Several raft guides offer tours of the water. If you’re looking for a discount, often these tours appear on discount sites like Groupon.
(Check out OWL rafting, River Run rafting and Wilderness tours.)

95. Bouncing around at the trampoline park – Xtreme trampoline park offers a 16+ night on Saturdays from 10p.m. to midnight. $23 buys you two hours of bouncing to a live DJ and a pair of socks and a drink.

96. Playing pool – Dooley’s, Orange Monkey, MacLaren’s take your pick and grab a cue!

97. Playing archery tag – At Archery Games arena on Bank Street you can bring the Hunger Games to life by hunting your friends and strangers in the game.

98. Axe throwing – It’s darts for the modern day lumberjack! There’s a few places to check out BATL grounds and Bad Axe throwing. You can even join a league if you’re interested.

99. Snowshoeing – As long as there’s snow on the ground, there are dozens of great snowshoeing trails across the city. Especially in Gatineau Park where endless trails are waiting to be explored for all levels. Rentals available at the information centre in Chelsea, QC.

100. Going to Grey Cup parties – Ottawa will host the Grey Cup championship in 2017 at TD Place. There will no doubt be lots going on to celebrate the occasion, whether you’ve got a ticket to the game or not.

101. Go rock-climbing – Vertical Reality and Coyote Rock Gym are two of the beginner-friendly rock climbing gyms in the city. For under $20 you can test your limits.

102. RedBlacks – Ottawa’s CFL team and 2016 Grey Cup champions are set to take the field again in spring 2017 when the championship game will be held at Ottawa’s own TD Place at Lansdowne.

103. Backing up our baseball team – Ottawa welcomed back a baseball team for the first time since 2007. The Ottawa Champions had their first season in 2016. Tickets are $10 for students.

104. Play beach volleyball – join a league or just play for fun on any of the Ottawa beaches. Check it out at Mooney’s Bay or Britannia beach.

105. Sword fightingSet your inner Jon Snow free!

106. Ottawa Race weekend – Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned vet, Ottawa race weekend is the city’s biggest and best opportunity to get moving.

107. Paintball – A classic sporting experience. Ottawa’s best is Commando Paintball that gives even the most competitive players a challenge.

108. Dragonboat racing– Now not just a summer event, but a winter one as well with Ice Dragonboat Festival taking place this year. Collect a team of friends and colleagues and start training for next year!

109. Supporting Ottawa 67’s – Ottawa’s OHL team since 1967 has always had a strong presence throughout the season. They’ve brought hockey to the passes with tickets costing under 15 dollars.

110. Panda game – Pitting two rival universities against each other in the most well-attended college sport level game in Ottawa. uOttawa and Carleton football teams face-off year after year in what is now known as the Panda game.

111. Yoga on the hill – Every summer yogis gather on the Hill once a week to participate in FREE yoga class. The classes are put together by local studio Pure Yoga and invites instructors from across the country to lead.

112. Playing golf – Pick your course and let’er fly. There are dozens in the Ottawa city limits. Or opt for a bucket of balls for $10 at the driving range at the 19th Tee Golfing Range.

113. Taking a dance class – From Bollywood to Latin to swing, there are plenty of dance studios in the city to choose from and learn some moves!

114. Yogaroma – Let’s be honest, we do yoga for the vinyasa. Mixing yoga with the aromatics of essential oils is the latest way to stretch and breathe to de-stress. Try it at Iron North Fitness in Hintonburg, Pure Yoga studios in Centretown and Westboro.


115. Watching an amateur wrestling match – Whether wrestling is your thing or not, you have to appreciate the dedication the wrestling community has to their sport. In Ottawa, Capital City Championship Combat (C4), holds shows once a month at the Vanier Columbus Club. Let me tell you, watching the audience is just as fun as watching the show.

116. Host a murder mystery night – Spend an interactive evening pretending one of your friends is a murderer. Download storylines online or visit a dinner theatre.
Eddie May Dinner Theatre has two locations in Ottawa: Osgoode and Kanata.

117. Nature/Nocture – Party in the exhibits at the Nature Museum. These events are held monthly and are well attended complete with DJ and bar.

118. Trivia night – test your skills and useless knowledge. Individual or teams accepted at most events. Also try themed trivia nights, which are found around the city as well at different locations.
Irene’s Pub on Bank Street, Hooley’s pub, The Draft pub

119. Floating – Not the fastest way to travel but definitely the most fun. Grab a dingy, some friends and some sunscreen and float your way down the river. An annual organized float is held in Wakefield every summer.

120. A Paint Night – Use the Paint Nite website to choose which artwork you’d like to re-create. Locations vary for each artwork but usually are local pubs and restaurants across the city.

121. Riding the bull – Every Wednesday at the Crazy Horse saloon in Kanata you have the opportunity to show your mechanical bull riding skills.
Fair warning that it’s harder than it looks!

122. Picnic-ing – Ottawa is surrounded by picturesque shoreline and greenspace. Find a spot along the canal, near Hogsback falls, any spot along the Sir John A. MacDonald parkway and park it for a snack.

123. Board game lounge – Choose from hundreds of board games to rent out and play. The Loft is one location that offers this and is licensed.

124. Arboretum festival – local music festival August 18-20 weekend that has taken place for the past six years. Location for 2017 is TBD and so is the lineup. If you’re a music artist why not apply to play?

125. A night at the racesLive harness horse racing takes place year-round at Rideau Carleton Raceway in the city’s south end. For a $2 minimum to bet and a breakfast special costing $3.99 – it’s a budgeter’s dream. The raceway also has OLG slots. Free shuttle service is available.

126. Taking a pottery class – Boutique studios such as Loam clay studio in Hintonburg offers classes to create your own pottery pieces.

126. Hip-Hop Karaoke – Release your inner rapper and let loose at the monthly ritual event at the Elmdale Tavern.

127. Campfire – Applying for a legal campfire license is a simple and cost-effective way to enjoy the summer nights. Definitely cheaper than buying a cottage.

128. Geocaching – Pokemon Go for real life. Ottawa is riddled with hidden trinkets known as caches that are waiting to be found, if you’re into that.

129. Sens mile – When the Ottawa Senators are in the playoffs the city comes alive on Elgin Street!

130. Take a pirate ship tour – If you’ve been to Hog’s Back you may have noticed the silhouette of a pirate ship in the distance. That wasn’t a mirage, you can board that ship for $24 per person.

131. Cave dwelling – Crawling through a cave is a great summer excursion. Trudeau did it last summer at Lac Philippe. So can you.

132. FunHaven – Contrary to popular belief FunHaven isn’t just for kids. Midway and arcade for adults is very much a thing.

133. Getting your nails did – The Ten Spot with the hashtag #getnailed a manicure never was so much fun.

134. Where Biebs didn’t tip – Twitter exploded when Justin Bieber neglected his server at local watering hole, The Laffayette on York Street in the market.

135. Getting DIY inspired – Who needs Pinterest when you have Makerhouse Co. in Hintonburg that inspires very do-able projects in real-life. And if you can’t make it yourself, just buy it from Makerhouse.

136. Waterpark – About 1 hour Southeast of the city you’ll find the oasis known as Calypso waterpark. Not a bad idea for a hot summer day. Grab a group of friends and rent a cabana to have a home base so you can ride the waterslides all day long!

137. Glassblowing – Flo glassblowing studio offers beginner classes for anyone interested in creating their own masterpiece. Classes range from $75 to $110.
Location: 957-C Gladstone Ave.

138. Take a boat cruise – Ottawa river boat cruise is a lazy day on the river while taking in the sites from a different perspective as you float down the river between Ontario and Quebec. General admission on a Sunset Sunday tour is $25 per person.

139. Staking out on the patio at Mill Street brewery – Best patio in the city that has light until sunset and a river view. The cold beer isn’t bad either.

140. Do some bridge sittin’ – The Prince of Wales bridge was notoriosly blocked off last year by a fence because of it’s known hangout spot for locals. Check out the Corktown Foot Bridge for Ottawa’s version of the lovers locked

141. Singing your heart out – Karaoke in Chinatown is fiercely competitive and a great way to have your moment in the spotlight.
Locations: Shanghai restaurant, VIP karaoke.

142. Paint ceramics at the mud oven – Not just for kids birthday parties! Paint your own mug so your roommates can’t steal it.

143. Listen to live music at Zaphod’s – An Ottawa institution and probably the most recognized venue in the city.

144. Casino du Lac Leamy – Although it’s actually in Gatineau the Lac Leamy offers the only table games in the area. Poker, roulette, craps, just like the big leagues.

147. Making jewelry at Sassy Bead Co.– While the storefront boutique is permanently closed, there’s still a community of bead lovers and bead makers in this city.

148. Chillin at Westboro beach – Escape the busy sands of Mooney’s Bay or Britannia and take a quieter seat at Westboro Beach. Saturday nights jam to some reggae beats at the outdoor canteen there as well.

149. Thrift shopping – St. Vincent de Paul is well known for their window displays. They hold off selling those items until the end of the month so be sure to scope it out.

150. RedBull Crashed Ice – One of the signature events coming to Ottawa for the Canada 150 celebrations. You can watch jersey’d up competitors take each other out down the vertical rink being constructed at the locks between Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier. The event takes place on March 3-4 and preferred tickets are still available.


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