What it’s like to have your future told by a psychic

James Craig is a student in Ottawa nearing the end of his undergraduate degree. Like many people his age, Craig has a lot of questions about what his future holds and what direction in life he should take.

And so, for the first time, he visited psychic mediums to see what they had to say about his future.

The first psychic medium was Ken Mason. Ken has had psychic abilities ever since he was a child. With the use of tarot cards and connecting with spirit guides, he guided Craig through an overview of what the next few years of his life may look like including the topic of love and relationships, career and spirituality. Mason emphasized that he specializes in connecting his clients with their own psychic abilities and spirituality which he claims we all have.

The second psychic medium was Bonnie Thompson, she too, discovered her psychic abilities at a young age. Craig asked her a few key questions about his future and her connection to what she claimed were spirit guides. She answered his questions and brought up a few problems she felt that needed to be addressed. Thompson sees herself as a spiritual guidance counsellor and places an importance on spiritual healing through positive energy.

To book your own appointment with Ken Mason, contact him at:

Email: whisperingsouls.ca@hotmail.com

Web: http://whisperingsouls.ca/

To book your own appointment with Bonnie Thompson, contact her at:

Phone: (613)-295-0770

Web: https://www.bonniethompson.co/