Eager beaver ready to box for belt

Marija Curran is eagerly waiting to go to the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. Curran, a 31-year-old boxer at the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa, will start competing on Nov. 15 in New Delhi, India. Five other female boxers will be representing Canada as well at the world championships. Curran has been training twice a day these past few weeks at the Beaver Boxing Club to hopefully bring home a medal. Curran has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Political Science at the University of Ottawa and a Masters in Communications at the University of Carleton.

Curran has been boxing on and off since she was 15 years old, but only got pretty serious into boxing about four years ago. Curran will spend two weeks before the world championships at two different training camps. The first week will be spent in Montreal and the second one in Qatar to acclimatize to the hotter weather.

This is a look inside the life of a Beaver boxer and what it takes to have a chance at a shot championship title.