Mona Fortier re-elected as Ottawa-Vanier’s first female MP

Incumbent Liberal MP, Mona Fortier was re-elected to represent Ottawa-Vanier in Parliament on Oct. 21.

Liberal supporters and volunteers closely watched the big screens at La Nouvelle Scene as the results trickled in.

Considering Ottawa-Vanier has always had a Liberal MP representing the riding since 1935, supporters were positive and confident about the results.

Norm Newton, a Liberal party supporter and volunteer since 1979, was optimistic about what the party has to offer.

“Canada needs a centreline party who will plan for the future,” said Newton. “That’s why I volunteer, because we have a country tomorrow.”

By 10:35 p.m., the cheering had begun after the results of just 25 polls declared Fortier to be re-elected as the MP.

Fortier won by 50.6 per cent of the votes. This was seven per cent less than the votes in 2015 for late Liberal MP Mauril Belanger. The adjustment is made with the NDP and Green party gaining votes.

Fortier ended the night with a celebratory speech that addressed the party’s platform to a room full of cheering supporters.

“They have seen two very different visions for the country,” said Fortier. “Our plan is one that works for all Canadians, not just a few.”


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