Bonnie and Clyde Steal Carleton Stage

He storms into a bank waving a pistol, instilling fear in the eyes of innocent patrons. He shoots one man dead, and orders the teller to empty the register. Bonnie stands by her man, her innocence a mere image of the past.

A cast of Carleton students stole the Kailash Mital Theatre stage in a musical rendition of the old story of the ruthless outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Madison Jolliffe.

The musical was brought to stage after months of rehearsing, for two consecutive weekends— Jan. 22-23 and Jan. 29-30.  All were welcome to attend for $10 for students or $15 for general admission. 

“It’s a story that a lot of people would assume wouldn’t make a good musical but it’s actually perfect for the stage,” says communications student Faris Rashidi.  Rashidi played the role of Clyde Barrows’ father.

“I think Bonnie and Clyde as a musical is ambitious, but their memory was done justice not only by the script, but also by the actors, musicians and production team themselves,” says Carleton student, Cassie Nagy.  Nagy assisted in running auditions on day one back in September.

The production brought together elements of love and hate, life and death, and right versus wrong, to demand the attention of the audience.

According to Kyle Villeneuve, a criminology student who played the preacher, the musical had all aspects of a good show. “I mean it’s a tear jerker, as well as a laugh out loud comedy, as well as action packed, which is pretty crazy,” he says.

Auditions began in September, and the cast was put to work shortly after.  They practiced about twice a week, taking on a challenge in addition to their regular course load.

“Ever since we got back in January, it’s just full force. It’s a little hectic but in the end it’s totally worth it,” says actor, Elijah Mucciaccio.

The musical did not fall short of the expectations of both the cast and the audience.

“It’s the dream,” says Villeneuve.


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