How to throw a great Super Bowl party

For many, the annual Super Bowl party is the social event of the year. A time-honoured tradition, a good Super Bowl party can bring everyone together, not just the football fans.

So before the big kickoff on Sunday, lace up and read some expert tips on how to kill it with your Super Bowl party.

First things first…

Think about the size of the party. Should it be just a few friends, or a big affair? Deciding what makes a party “big” will depend on factors like the size of your television and your couch – you want there to be enough room to sit and your living room shouldn’t be too crowded around the TV.

“The best parties are with a couple of friends,” says J.C. Legris, a wide receiver with the Carleton Ravens football team, in a Twitter DM. “If there’s too many people, you lose focus on the game and you are not spending as much quality time with your closest friends.”

With the right number and mix of friends, your party will be sure to create everlasting memories, even if your favourite team loses.

Will there be snacks?

When Glue asked Ricardo Barrett, a defensive back with the Ravens, for his advice, that was his question.

Legris says the best Super Bowl snacks are what he called the “dirty foods.”

“What I mean by that is wings, pizza, cheese sticks, fries, etc. Poutine and fried chicken are also a part of the mix. Can’t forget about nachos!”

With a menu like that, make sure you have lots of napkins.

You can make it fun by incorporating team colours into your food or décor, says Rose Ly, a 2016 graduate of Algonquin’s event management diploma. She also suggests getting creative with your presentation – if you’re feeling crafty, try a snack stadium.

To make things flow, try breaking up your food in courses by quarter – start with drinks in the first quarter, move on to light snacks like chips in the second and so on.


You’ll want to go easy on the alcohol considering the Super Bowl happens on a Sunday, advises Legris. If you must, moderation should prevail.

“I think obviously a good rule is one or two drinks per hour,” said Ly.

Stick with straight beer or wine coolers. Now is not the time to get fancy with your drinks.

No matter what team you’re rooting for, or even if you’re just in it for the commercials, here’s hoping your Super Bowl party is a success!



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