Attending and reporting on events

When I graduate, I will miss attending events like comedy shows, concerts, and festivals at Algonquin College.

Despite all the stress from meeting assignment deadlines, I love being a college student. There is more freedom, and more things to do on campus compared to high school.

Everyone, including non-students, can go to college events. Students get a discount on tickets and since we are already at school, it is easy to make time to enjoy these activities. As a journalist, we can get in for free if we are covering an event, and are able to meet and interview performers for our stories.

Going to these events is always exciting. I will miss preparing for them and meeting up with classmates so we can attend together.

Steve-O’s bucket list tour was one of the first shows I saw at the Algonquin Commons Theatre. I love the Jackass movies and he was a key contributor to the craziness of that franchise, so I was excited to hear he was having a show right here at Algonquin. This show ended up being one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Before coming to Algonquin, I did not know shows like this would come to the Commons Theatre. Algonquin also hosted a Busker Festival. Right on campus.

Being able to watch and report on concerts, shows, and festivals at Algonquin has been a fantastic experience so far.

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