Online income: a pandemic-inspired way to make Monat

Before COVID-19, Breanna Lunn, 18, was working three jobs while going to school to make a living. When Ontario entered lockdown, she was left with no work and no way to survive.

Lunn had previously heard of Monat, a self-care company that sells hair and skincare products. But at the time, she was too young to join. When she lost her source of income, due to the pandemic, she thought it was a great opportunity to join.

“I was super stressed about affording post-secondary and this sort of just fell into my lap on Instagram,” says Lunn. “I just filled out a form and connected with my mentor.”

Lunn tests Monat products and then promotes her favourites to her followers on Instagram. Lunn earns a commission of each purchase made by her followers.

“I just poured my heart and soul into it and last month, my bonus cheque alone covered my entire second semester of college tuition,” shares Lunn. “So, that was mind blowing and nothing I would have expected looking back eight months when I started.”

When Lunn first started her networking career, she didn’t have an idea what she was going to do with this new job or where she was going to take it. Now she has fallen in love with her job and even switched her college program to business.

Lunn’s goals are to be a part of the ‘million-dollar club’ and go to the top senior executive director and change as many lives as possible with as many people as possible.

“I have just fallen in love with the business and marketing, running a team and being a leader and mentor.” says Lunn. “I just want to go as far as I can with this.”

She also helps customers choose what products are right for them and fill out their orders. After their purchase, Lunn follows up on how the customer likes the products. She also teaches them how to use the products properly and makes sure they are satisfied with their order.

Lunn leads her own team, helps them with any questions they have and shares her own experience. “I always share my story of being a college student because that’s where I’ve been,” says Lunn. “I talk to college students about what I do and what they can do. I show them how to they can work this into their day as a student.”

Monat recently launched a vacation for partners, that they can qualify to be on. Lunn’s goal is for not only her to qualify but her whole team to be able to experience the trip too.

“I made trainings for them to be the most successful they can be and guiding them where to go.” shares Lunn.

Lunn doesn’t want to follow the ‘norm’ of society. She wants to create her own path and believes anyone can run their own business if they wanted to.

“Why work for another person’s dream when you can create your own, says Lunn.


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