Business owner’s passion inspired idea for Beauty by Lindsay

It was always a passion and something that she loved, so attending college for aesthetics was second nature for Lindsay Mantha.

“I always loved everything makeup and beauty related,” said Mantha, owner and founder of Beauty by Lindsay. “I knew I would one day have a career in esthetics.”

The culmination of her hard work started with her graduating from the Ottawa School of Esthetics in 2016. She was then able to work with customers in a salon doing what she loved, such as manicures, pedicures, and facials. After graduating, Mantha started her career as an esthetician at Salon Mauve in Rockland, Ont., but she always knew she wanted to have her own business.

In 2021, after much thought and planning, Mantha’s dream came to fruition and she opened her business in her hometown of Rockland.

While the first year is generally a tough year when running a business due to developing a clientele and business rapport, the COVID-19 pandemic was just another added challenge.

“I was unable to provide certain services to my clients because of the pandemics restrictions, which made it tough to build up my business and grow my client base through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers,” said Mantha.

While she admitted it was a challenge, loyal and happy customers kept coming back. They are what makes the business worthwhile for her.

Beauty by Lindsay owner and operator Lindsay Mantha poses by beauty products offered at her business.

Beauty by Lindsay owner and operator Lindsay Mantha poses by beauty products offered at her business. Photo credit: Tyler Major-Mcnicol

One customer in particular learned about Mantha’s business from someone very close to Mantha. For Suzanne Lalonde, it was a no-brainer to see the young entrepreneur’s new business.

“I learned about the news of Lindsay opening her own esthetics business from her mom, actually,” said Lalonde with a chuckle. “Lindsay is very professional and attentive. She goes above and beyond to ensure the service is fantastic and her customer service skills make me feel very warm and welcomed during each appointment.”

Social media is where most of Mantha’s marketing happens, but in a small town like Rockland, the word-of-mouth from satisfied clients is what grows her business more than anything.

“I do have a Facebook and Instagram page to promote my business and for both current and potentially new customers to learn about the services I offer and have an idea of my hours and location,” said Mantha. “But the conversations and interactions with clients are what have made my business into the success it has been so far.”

Lalonde, one of Mantha’s best clients, said there are a few reasons why she keeps coming back. She has promoted and spoken about Mantha’s business to her friends and family.

“I recommend Beauty by Lindsay often because Lindsay is very calm and professional throughout every service that she offers,” said Lalonde.

Working as an esthetician was always Mantha’s goal, but a drive to own her own business was the next tier she wanted to reach.

“I like the flexibility involved with being my own boss. I make my own hours and while there is added responsibilities to running things on my own, I get to run things the way I envision them and I can schedule appointments to fit my schedule and I am my own boss,” said Mantha with a little laugh.

Knowing that running a business can require lots of hard work and long days, Mantha alluded to what has been so rewarding throughout her first year as a business owner.

“Seeing how quickly my business has grown and the amount of people that have supported me in this new venture over the past year has been the most rewarding aspect of all,” said Mantha.

Mantha said it has been profitable and she’s aiming even higher.

“Despite having to purchase a business license, insurance and pay for rent and the products required to run my business, it has been profitable,” said Mantha. “I hope in the next couple years to open my own salon and expand the Beauty by Lindsay brand.”

Over the past year, Mantha has experienced new things and built up an impressive client base and business, and with that she has gained plenty of knowledge. While she doesn’t regret any of it and wouldn’t change the experience for the world, she has gained some perspective.

“My advice to my past self would be to not be afraid to take risks,” said Mantha. “Holding back could be stopping you from making the best decision.”

Heading into the grand opening of her business, she had expectations and a bit of uncertainty, but she assures that the business has met her expectations.

“My expectations of running a business have been met, although there have been a few things that surprised me,” said Mantha. “The hours behind running a business on your own can be very time consuming. You need to be available at all times during the work week and there’s a lot of work before opening for the day and after closing.”

Through the long hours, Mantha’s work ethic, passion, and drive to provide each customer with the absolute most enjoyable experience has driven her to grow a successful business and continue to build her passion as a career.

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