Investing in intention: New podcast profiles professional women

Invest Ottawa has teamed up with local podcast host, consultant, and compliance analyst Naomi Haile to launch a new series.

The Power of Why with Naomi Haile podcast will feature the stories of women who are making waves in different fields – education, beauty, artificial intelligence, venture capital and much more leading up to International Women’s Week on March 1-9.

The podcast started as a hobby for Haile in 2017. At first, it was a weekly series where she spoke to creatives and founders in Ottawa about their purpose and philosophy on work and life.

Haile has always been interested in the people behind the business and their origin story as she calls it. “My favourite part always in these conversations, is how real we can get, and how human we can get,” she says.

This partnership with Invest Ottawa is allowing her to grow creatively and execute the vision she had for the show. “They trust me to do what I need to do,” says Haile.

“When this series came along in my inbox I was so excited to see it because I wrote it down. I got intentional about where I wanted to be in the podcast,” says Haile as she reflects on the importance of manifesting your goals.

The first episode in the series came out on Feb. 11. It featured Paula Whitelocke, a professional hairstylist, owner of Curly Hair Designs and an educator at Curls Understood, The Academy.

Whitelocke is also a mentor, community builder and musician who continues to educate by offering free workshops to equip other hairstylists with the knowledge she has gained along her journey. “It’s a free class because I’m in a position to give back,” says Whitelocke on the podcast.

Whitelocke also discusses the concept of thriving and surviving. “I do my best to remember that we are in thriving mode. We can take what [parents] have given us and catapult it to levels we can’t even imagine.”

Whitelocke also explores the notion of living your life with intention. “We get to wake up and open our eyes and choose, how do I want to present myself in the world today? How do I want to view the world today?”

As we navigate through life, Whitelocke encourages listeners to show up in their lives with intent – that no matter how long we have on earth, we shouldn’t take it for granted.

With her powerful and insightful messages, Whitelocke is a catalyst for what’s to come in the series. Haile has given her listeners much to think about and reflect on as we count down the days to International Women’s Week.

To folks hoping to take that first step to pursue a side hustle, a dream career left on hold or even a hobby you wish to explore, Halie encourages you to go for it. “Don’t stop yourself before you even get started. There’s nothing to improve if you haven’t started it yet.”

Catch Hailes’s nine-part series every Thursday leading up to March 1. Episodes will be featured on

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