StudySesh is the new way to get that A

Start the new decade with a new website that helps students learn faster, and for tutors, earn easier.

StudySesh is a website that allows students to take lessons from tutors through online live sessions while making it easier for tutors to give lessons to multiple students at the same time.

Sesh leads will be able to give live sessions from anywhere at any time and they will be able to transfer their notes for an extra charge. The minimum cost is $9.99 per session, depending on the sesh lead, which will be deposited directly to the tutor’s bank account.

“With this software, students can get real visual help from someone who has been there for the price of a Starbucks coffee. They can get it from the confines of their home or a coffee shop,” said Moe Ali, StudySesh founder, and CEO. He was also a 2015 graduate from the business marketing program at Algonquin College.

His team worked on the landing page for four months, and the launching page which will be ready at the beginning of February.

After two years of searching for the right team, Ali found his partner through a mutual friend, Gurmuk Dhesi, 27, full-stack developer at StudySesh. Dhesi graduated from the computer science program at Brunel University in Uxbridge, England. He also works as a software developer at iBOS Solutions Ltd in London.

Dhesi believes that StudySesh will benefit a lot of people, especially students, and it is a unique idea.

“I wish I had a platform like that when I was in the university,” said Dhesi.

StudySesh was made to add an extra component to the educational system. Tutoring in person could be very expensive, insecure and inconvenient for students. But, StudySesh is very simple to use, in a few steps StudySesh users will be able to give or join a live tutoring session.

“A lot of times, expectations are not met when students are getting tutored. A lot of times, tutors go over the time limit, but don’t feel comfortable asking for an extra charge,” said Ali. “Our platform pinpoints tutors and students problems and has solutions for them.”

Filling out an application is the first step to be a student on StudySesh, the second step is to choose the day, time and price that works the best for the student.

Sesh leads will go through the same steps, but with more details and they will be contacted by a team member afterward to make sure they’re fit for this position.

“We have multiple interviews with sesh leads beforehand to verify they have the knowledge to teach,” said Ali.

Students will choose their campus to start the live session without the need to go on video. They’ll be able to chat with the sesh lead to ask him questions and rate him or her at the end of the session.

StudySesh students who are taking sessions frequently will get special offers and discounts. For sesh leads, the higher they’re rated by students, the more bonuses and promotions they will get.

Creativity, functionality and team are how Ali came up with ideas like StudySesh. His second step was making his ideas come alive as fast as possible and working on improving them by taking negative feedback positively.


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