Dance like a stage star – and get fit too



The sound of people’s feet hitting the floor in a rhythmical fashion mixed with laughter and a good time is what you can expect from Ottawa’s new dance cardio workout Broadway Workout.

Broadway Workout is a dance workout that mixes choreography and the love of musical theatre into a one-hour class that is sure to get your blood pumping and leave you wanting more.

Laura Allardyce got the idea to start the class after she auditioned for the Orpheus Theatre production of Mamma Mia last year. “There was a dance portion of the audition and it was so much fun to learn the choreography and sweat and everybody at the beginning of the audition was nervous and uptight and by the end of it we were all moving and laughing and smiling,” says Allardyce.

Every Friday songs are switched up and they are all choreographed by Dani Bone Corbishley.

Corbishley has been a choreographer in the Ottawa area for the past 10 years. She saw Allardyce post on Facebook and knew this was something that was right up her alley. “I said pick me I want to do it.”

All the songs chosen are ones that most musical theatre lovers would be familiar with. “I try and choose songs that most people know, sometimes it is songs I’ve always wanted to choreograph or songs that are at least easy to get into the grove.”

Classes are held seven days a week and currently set in various locations around the city with the hopes of expanding to more in the future.

Allardyce hopes people come out and have a great time. “Don’t get overwhelmed with getting the moves right, just makes sure you are moving and smiling and sing along if you want to if you have the breath to.”

Check out the attached video from Jan. 25 class at the Nepean Creative Art Centre.

And for more information on the classes check out there FB page.



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