Sororities can feel like a home away from home

The group of women that stood in front of me were the sisters of Zeta Theta Xi. They were so diverse but more importantly they treated each other like they were their biological family. From the first second I met these sisters of Zeta I knew that they all had a connection with each other. In my eyes I could see myself being apart of their family too. I was hooked—they showed me that I could have a home away from home. I can now call myself a sister of Zeta Theta Xi and I have found that home away from home that I was looking for.

There are a few things that are important to know about sororities:

1. It’s a lot of work. But what I came to learn is that even if it’s a lot of work in the beginning, when you finish it’s oh so rewarding.

When you join Zeta, you need to complete a certain number of requirements. This includes attending two events hosted by Zeta Theta Xi and going on a “sister date” during our recruitment period. This is also known as rushing for a sorority, the point of doing these things is not just for the sisters but for you as well. Now that rushing season is officially over we go into the pledging period where you show the sisters that you are dedicated and want to be apart of their family. We want to make sure that you really want to be apart of the sisterhood and that you have a connection with us as well.

1. You learn so many new things

Lauren Lozer, a student honoring in English and minoring in communications at the University of Ottawa has been a sister of Alpha Phi for almost two years. She is now currently the vice president of marketing which has given her the opportunity to learn many knew things.

“I have learned all about social media, merchandising, brand analysis, website creation,” says Lozer.  She has also learned about delegation and team work.

When being apart of an organization you get the chance to learn more about things you are interested in and learn about how you can better your skills for future employment. Being in a sorority lets you learn while making connections with other outside companies and other Greek organizations.

2. You will have friends for life

Leah Beer a recent student at the University of Ottawa joined Zeta Theta Xi. She was studying to get a general BA with a minor in social sciences of health planning.

“Being surrounded by girls who love and support you does wonders for your confidence,” says Beer. “It helped me to blossom into the extrovert I always knew I was but never knew how to be.”

When you join a sorority, you learn so much about yourself. Not only do you learn about yourself as a person, you also get to do rewarding activities like volunteering for your community. We don’t just sit around and have parties all the time. We want to connect with our community and try to make a change for the better.

The goal in joining a sorority for me was to make new friends but I got so much more from it. I found a group of girls that (this may sound cheesy) I will forever call my sisters because to me, they are my family.


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