Aikido is a peaceful martial art that will change the students’ lives completely


Aikido is a non-violent martial art that challenges the basic idea people have on martial arts. The most important part about aikido isn’t how strong the student is or what colour is their belt but how mentally strong the person is.


“I practice today because I love it because it helps me with my life. It helps keep me centred,” says uOttawa alumnus and aikido student, Daniel Côté. “Aikido is mostly about developing the mind.”

The main thing it gives students is a spirit of perseverance, humbleness and respect towards their neighbours. They teach mantras that challenge the mind and body to be better with their environment.

“There are a lot of things [I like], but my favourite thing I have to say is really the community,” says uOttawa mechanical engineering student, Alexandre Lacelle-Le Breton. “Everyone here is really helpful, we all want to help each other improve.”

It is important for the aikido students to, “go with the flow”, and use their bodies to deflect external energies that approach them. That is the main difference between aikido and other martial arts.

For aikido students, practicing the martial art is not a chore, but a lifestyle. They train for years with mostly the same people and that gives them the feeling of belonging. That motivates them to make time for their regular practices.

“It’s not an activity like it used to be, it’s definitely part of my life,” says uOttawa environmental science student, Spencer Knowles. “It’s something I really enjoy doing with people I enjoy.”

The aikido community is full of people who are willing to give good things to the world like tolerance and support. They want everyone to be treated fairly, respectfully and safely.

At the end of each class, they gather to meditate and thank the sensei for their instruction and before anyone leaves, the sensei reads a daily wisdom. The words read by Joe Capogreco Sensei on Jan. 26 were:

“Determination, courage and self-confidence are key factors for success. In spite of obstacles and difficulties, if we have firm determination, we can work them out. Whatever the circumstance is, we should remain humble, modest and without pride.”


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