The residence advisor team

As a student living in residence, I have met many people who have made me feel accepted and supported in the community, while also helping me come out of the introverted bubble I’ve kept myself in.

Gavin Gervais, a resident advisor and first-year student in the business management and entrepreneurship program, has had a huge impact on my social life. He’s taught me how to handle major situations that can happen in the residence and always encourages me to speak up and be myself. Last month, Gervais planned many gatherings, including movie nights, trips to the mall and walks around Parliament. We even built a miniature Lego statue of Groot from the Marvel movie series, Guardians of the Galaxy.

“The community is great and very supportive,” says Nils Juul Linter, a first-year student in the early childhood education program and a resident advisor. Juul Linter has arranged game nights, including Exploding Kittens and Magic the Gathering. Members of the team and students living in residence find him very caring and supportive.

Jeremy Calorendi, a second-year student in the architectural technician program and a resident advisor, has taught me a lot about different cultures, food, languages and Formula 1 Racing. Calorendi is from Quebec and of Italian descent.

Juul Linter and Gervais have both seen me on many different occasions when I was struggling with both mental and physical health issues in the month of September relating to hypotension, flu, anxiety and depression.

The residence at Algonquin College is a welcoming, supportive, kind and accepting community. To me, it is like a family. We all look out for each other and welcome everyone with open arms, while also learning from one another.


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