Julie McCann’s mentorship

I will miss my program coordinator and her kind nature. She is a mentor, professor, and genuinely selfless person.

I believe that just as a good coach can get the best out of their players, a good mentor can help can put anybody at ease, even in the most stressful of times.

I will miss Julie’s calming influence. She has so much knowledge, but is so humble and always willing to help her students; Julie has made my college experience more than I could have expected.

Julie is established, and has accomplished many things, much like champion hockey players Connor McDavid, or Sidney Crosby, but continues to strive for improvement and growth, like Connor Bedard.

When I was going through some troubles, she took the little amount of free time that she had to sit with me and reflect on things. She has a way of making you feel as though she’s been there and done that, and she offers up suggestions and advice to get through the most difficult of times.

And her super-fun tests are certainly always a conversation starter, throughout the journalism class. Julie’s enthusiasm is infectious, and for me, it’s difficult to be in a bad mood around her, as she is so bubbly and energetic. She never leaves anybody behind, and has a way of connecting with each and every student. I’m not sure when she sleeps.

Of course, I will miss all of my professors, as the skills I have and continue to learn will be tools I will use for the rest of my life. Each professor deserves recognition, as they all provide such excellent knowledge and insights. If you aren’t learning something new each day, in each class, you aren’t paying attention. Julie just never stops, gets everybody involved, and even the quiet, shy students seem to come out of their shells when Julie is around.

The Algonquin College staff and network have changed my life. Never have I been so excited to learn. Making the decision to apply to the journalism program has changed my life, and without a shade of a doubt I will miss Julie McCann the most when I graduate from Algonquin. It’s hard to argue that she isn’t the engine of the program.

Thank you, Julie, for being a Connor McDavid, but aspiring to improve each day, like Connor Bedard.

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