5 tips and tricks for a cheap vacation

When you’re a student there is a lot of financial stress while you are in school, but you want to be able to treat yourself. Here are some tips for you to be able to take that much needed vacation on your student budget.

1. Take advantage of the resources around you

Hannah Sullivan, who studies business administration core at Algonquin College, went on a three month trip to Spain on her student budget. Before taking the big leap, she decided to research a bunch of free activities like museums and festivals that she could go to. The internet was her friend when it came to finding these free events that she could attend.

“It allowed me to still make the most out of my trip without having constraints with money,” says Sullivan. “Traveling is already expensive so doing as much as possible for the lowest price is really helpful.”

Sullivan also adds that places in Europe have a lot of free events, activities and attractions for tourists to do and see. Take advantage of it.

2. How to get cheap flights

When booking your fair, there are a few things that you can do to get the cheapest tickets. One of the many student resources at Algonquin College is Campus Travel, in which you can go get help finding the cheapest tickets whether it is flights, train or bus tickets.

Keep in mind, February tends to always have the cheapest flights and deals due to the season. If you want to go on a vacation far away from home, now is the time to book your flight.

3. How to save and be in school full time

Every student knows it’s hard enough to pay your fees. So how do you save enough money to go on a trip? Sullivan decided that the best option for her was to make a budget and cut things out of her life that weren’t a necessity, like Netflix.

“I put 20 per cent of each paycheck into my savings and away from where I couldn’t see it and use it,” Sullivan says.

Sullivan’s budgeted for three months, pre-planning everything she would like to do while she was in Spain. She allotted herself 30 dollars a day while in Spain, which totals to $2700 in total needed for her trip.

4. How to find cheap accommodations

Sullivan thinks that hostels get a bad reputation. In her opinion, the best way to live is in hostels.

“There are a lot of good, cleans ones,” says Sullivan. “I lived for five dollars a night and it was very clean.”

Most hostels have lockers you can put your valuables in. They’ll be safe, provided you bring your own lock.

5. Try something different, backpacking

Taylor O’Brien, tourism and travel services student at Algonquin College, went to Thailand on her student budget. She decided to go on a mission trip to teach Korean refugees English; something a little different than going on a trip by yourself.

O’Brien learned a lot about herself and others around her by doing this. Her trip lasted for just a little over a month.

This might be a different type of trip, but O’Brien thinks that it is a better use of your vacation.

“You get to really experience the culture and way of life of that particular country,” says O’Brien. “I would say that it taught me more than I taught them.”


Just because you are student doesn’t mean you can’t go on those much-desired vacations. Follow a few of these steps to save up money and travel on your student budget.



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