Finding the fit

“Where would one go if they were looking for a running coach?” Arthur Revolus, a 27-year-old business management student at Algonquin College, asked himself one day.

The answer: he wasn’t sure. He wanted to find a coach who was well suited for his training goals, close to him and on his budget.

Revolus had noticed a flaw in the personal training industry.

He came up with a website idea called Real Fit Pros. This website will help an individual looking for a personal trainer who best fits their needs and costs, and that they can search up themselves. It will include stats about the trainer including the distance, area of strengths, costs and so on. This way, the individual can find what best fits their requirements and stay on their budget.

Revolus started noticing issues in the ways that gyms pair up their clients with personal trainers, and how there really was no research or matching techniques involved when pairing up. When he asked himself the running coach question, he got to a dead end. How would he know what gym to go to that has a running coach that matches his personal goals?

“If you’re looking for a personal trainer, you go to your nearest gym and they line you up with whomever is available,” says Revolus. “They get chosen at random. If the person doesn’t fit your needs or you don’t like their teaching methods, then you just waste your time and money.”

When coming up with the idea, Revolus originally expected to hear a lot of no’s. However, he seems to be receiving the opposite outcome. With his hard work paying off, his idea is starting to become a reality. The prototype of his website will be finished this April.

The categories of personal trainers the website will include range from yoga, nutrition, personal training, bodybuilding to health and wellness and massage therapy. For example, if someone is looking for a trainer to help with their yoga, but he or she has an injury they are working around, that person can use this website (Real Fit Pros) to search for a personal trainer that fits their needs and can assist them in a way that is right.

“Basically, we’re trying to help people find pros that are perfectly fit for them,” says Revolus.

Sarah Karasz, a Carleton University student, thinks a lot of people, especially students, can take advantage of this service.

“As a student, exercise is extremely beneficial,” says Karasz. “Any student can tell you how much stress they endure throughout the year, so taking an hour study break to engage in physical activity can go a long way in terms of well-being.”

Karasz participates in physical activity as often as she can, but finds similar issues as Revolus when starting at a new gym or trying different types of exercise. She’s looking forward to seeing the matching techniques Real Fit Pros will use.

In Ottawa, Revolus hasn’t noticed any websites or platforms with an idea exactly like his yet. However, he’s noticed websites based in other cities in Canada and some in the States who are on a similar track. He has been keeping up with the trends.

“I’ve been analyzing my competitors in Toronto, San Diego. It’s a lot of research. Research never stops,” says Revolus.

He has also developed five pain points for Real Fit Pros. “Pain points” are something an entrepreneur can create that are beneficial for the customer and that he or she believes will be the main focus when pairing people up. Revolus has decided to focus on time, money, ratings, credentials and matching. He sees these five elements as a few of the most important details to look into and research while he works on building the prototype for his website.

Being a full time student with a part time job and developing a business on the side may seem like a lot on one’s plate but Revolus has been preparing for the busy ride and is eager to further Real Fit Pros.

Currently, he is checking out gyms around the city and getting a feel for what they offer. As his prototype website comes close to being completed, he is preparing for the next chapter- opening it up for the public to find the personal trainer that is right for them.