Getting A Job? Quickily

You will soon be able to search, apply and hire for jobs like never before. Ottawa startup company, Quickily, is set to make its debut on smart phone app stores in the coming weeks.

The company consists of 20-year-old CEO, Jared Floyd, and his team who are looking to take a big bite out of the app industry and possibly change how we view the job hunting and hiring process. The application, which is set to be available on both Apple and Android devices, offers a type of convenience and efficiency unseen in the job market so far.

Floyd2 (Galley picture)To start, the user signs up as either a job hunter or employer. From there, each are offered completely separate experiences.

The job hunter creates a resume, adding work experience, education, interests and more. Even with the option of adding a video testimonial for an extra edge. Once your profile is all set up, the hunt begins.

The potential employees are able to see what the company is looking for, a description of the position, the salary and the distance to the job. Using a swipe left – for no – and swipe right – for yes – method, job hunters can decide on which jobs they’re interested in.

Once the job applicant swipes right the employer will be notified and able to review their resume. If they like what they see, they can also choose to accept or decline an applicant using the same swipe method.

Then, when the employer chooses, a chat feature can be unlocked. This way, both parties are able to communicate and take the next step.

For students looking to get a part-time job during school, Quickily could be the long-awaited solution. With busy schedules as it is, trying to fit in door-to-door resume handouts and landing a position isn’t always easy.

After encountering his own issues in finding work, Floyd and a friend of his sparked the idea.

“I got together with a buddy and we were both looking for a job at the same time,” says Floyd. “We found a problem and we asked how can we solve it and then we just started doing research and came up with the idea.”

Now, with a launch in the near future and a young, ambitious team, Quickily is on the rise.

Team member and friend, Jared Galley, has placed a lot of importance on their networking skills so far and how it’ll help them down the road.

“We’re just going to really push it and I think it’s really useful having a large network because people are excited for the projects we’ll be coming out with,” says Galley. “That’ll play a big part in helping us launch just because we need a lot of employers and we need a lot of job hunters just to start using the app and I think with our network we’ll be able to get that.”

With such a competitive job market and so little time for students to scour the city for a job opening, this could be a lucky break. As for Floyd, he foresees a long, healthy life for his company.

“A business owner will never have troubles trying to find a candidate like it once was and a job hunter will never have trouble finding a job,” says Floyd. “My goal is to make it a lot more efficient and simple.”