InvestaGO; making real estate matter

When her husband came back from the military, Lisa Sabatini and her family were faced with a few problems. At the time, her husband was battling PTSD and there were many jobs he was unable to do. She was also faced with one reality; many military families who receive their payment often invest in unsustainable places, like cars and boats.

And so came to be InvestaGO Realty, a real estate investment company that offers quality and stable returns on a wide variety of real estate back investments. Working alongside top real estate legal and accounting teams in Canada, InvestaGO Realty not only offered a way to cover the lost income from Sabatini’s husband’s return from the military, but also realised a dream she had been toying with for a while.

She then created, alongside her husband Chris De Witte, a sustainable investment firm for those like her family. Families who wished to double their money, rather than have it be gone after one investment, using real estate.


“We were able to grow Chris’ military funds he had earned by using real estate,” says Sabatini. “So we thought we would apply that to others, and created our company, which serves to invest and grow client’s funds by using real estate.”

When a client invests with InvestaGO Realty, they usually see a percentage of their projects paid back to them. Within five years, a client then has doubled their original investment. Because of this, they now have more money, along with a continuous income, allowing them to pour funds in other investments. They can then invest in things such as boats or cars, without losing their entire savings.

Their money is not lost, it continues to grow, making it possible to even invest in retirement savings. This has been the goal of InvestaGO Realty since the beginning. To bring profits to their clients.

Sabatini, who is 34-years-old and has a Bachelor in journalism and communications from Carleton, started out as a television producer. She who worked on real estate investment projects. Eventually, Sabatini left the field of journalism in order to work at a real estate agency. She eventually grew a passion she had always had for real estate, and decided to try out real estate investments on her own, when she founded InvestaGO Realty.

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“I like to think I’m a driving force behind the company,” says Sabatini. “We keep in mind that we are trying to help others. Being a military family, we understand not only the hard, but also the good things that come with it. We love to do it, and I think that’s what sets us apart from other companies.”

When her husband, who is still full-time in the military, comes back during leave, he comes back to work with Sabatini. The company currently has about 5 employees, not counting De Witte and Sabatini, and will probably grow in the future as demands for investments grow larger.

De Witte is dedicated to helping other veterans with their transition from the military. He truly believes that real estate is the best way for military members to build sustainable wealth. He also agrees that real estate investment affords the strength and stability needed for a smooth transition out of the military and towards a financially sustainable future.

“I’ve been interested in real estate since I was in high school,” says De Witte, who is about to take on a mortgage agent course. “I think that having been in the military, I bring a diverse background and work ethic to the table. My experiences therefore make me useful on the workforce. I can sympathise with military families and struggles they may have, so I really enjoy helping those who need it.”