Foundation Alliance Française 4th annual international photo contest

The Foundation Alliance Française held its 4th annual international photo contest entitled On joue sur la Terre at the Gallery of the Alliance Française from Jan. 21 to Feb. 26.

Photos from 133 Alliance Française were submitted with the best 45 showcased. The winner of the contest won a week trip to Paris with all expenses paid. The contest was organized with the French newspaper, Courrier International.

The title translates to we play on earth. Amateur photographers showed games and their social and cultural functions: board games, gambling games, children games, video games and many more. The exhibition is meant to show the evolution of these games throughout history.

“We do anything to promote the French culture: activities, concerts, exhibitions, you name it,” says Komlanvi Dodjro, Communication Officer, Library Manager & Cultural Event Coordinator. “These photos are from all around the world and come from a variety of people.”

The foundation was founded in the 1800’s and is based in Paris with over 800 locations all over the world and nine of those in Canada; the one in Ottawa was opened in 1905. With so many branches it makes it possible for amateur photographers no matter where they’re from to showcase their work.

The foundation does more then just showcase art but also serves as a language and cultural centre to promote the French culture.

“It’s one of my favourite exhibits we have here because it’s different, unique. I see where some of these photos were taken and I fall in love with them because I’ve been there,” says Emilie Gauvreau, Customer and Client Relation officer. “I think it’s a success, it’s ongoing after all.”


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