Beyond the screen: the perks of television

After coming back from spring break, it’s often difficult getting back into the mold of doing school work.

With midterms going on, students are going to need to find a way to get back into the working regime. That help for students may come from an unlikely source.

While some students may take to going for a run outside to clear their heads before getting to work, others are finding that sitting down to relax and watch some of their favourite television shows are helping just as well as anything.

“I often watch TV when I need to clear my head,” said Carleton University student Nathan Angelo. “Honestly, it helps me come up with more ideas or think of new approaches to my work when I feel like I’m stuck.”

With midterms going on right now and  more to come, it’s crucial that every student stay on top of their work. A clear head is going to be one of the most important things to a student right now.

While watching television may help clear the minds of some, others also believe that it’s key to relieving the stress of seemingly never-ending work. Some even watch television while doing their homework, believing that it helps keep them focused on what has to get done.

“Sometimes the stress of trying to keep on top of the work just gets too much,” said Algonquin College student Zach Miller. “Sitting down a relaxing for a bit really helps me get over that stress so I can get back to doing my work.”

Of course, too much television in a day can be harmful to someone rather than beneficial.

“I limit myself to no more than an hour or two of television a day,” said Miller. “Anything more than that and I’ll just feel like I wasted too much time. Either that or I won’t get any of the work I have to do done.”

There are many programs out there as well that will make the whole process counter-productive. Some programs display too many negative behaviours and just take valuable time away from students while giving nothing back in return.

If a student sits down to watch some of their favourite programming and does not spend a lot time sitting around, then it could be pretty beneficial to the student.

Needless to say, there is something out there for most of us to enjoy. If you find yourself struggling to get those last few assignments done, sitting down with a snack to enjoy a good half-hour to an hour of television may be just what you need.