What’s your style?

Welcome to the Bro’reilly Factor, a podcast by two journalists wishing to bring the best in style to Glue listeners.

Listen as Brooke Timpson and Mike Timmermans discuss the importance of appearance for young people at career-oriented interviews and how many standards of beauty are, in fact, cross-cultural.

Brooke Timpson:

Brooke is a second-year journalism student at Algonquin College and host of the Bro’reilly Factor. Originally from Mississauga, Ont., Brooke enjoys politics, life science and scotch.

Mike Timmermans:

Like his Bro’reilly Factor co-host, Mike is also a second-year journalism student at Algonquin. Born and raised in Ottawa, Mike enjoys good wine, scotch, fine dining and cooking. Always an armchair sociologist, he is a close observer of politics, social issues and finance, which are his favourite subjects to write about.