Painting local colour

A Toronto-based artist is hoping to draw a path for aspiring artists in Ottawa.

Graphic-design artist Max Harb and pioneer of SpeakerBox Vision, an online event management tool, is bringing his Toronto expo to Ottawa with high hopes for local talent.

The Music and Art Expo first started in Vancouver but is the first of its kind in the capital. The event will be held Mar. 1 at ERA Nightclub in the ByWard Market and is designed as a way for artists to mingle, compare work, engage in discussion and meet new faces in the arts community.

“At the show, you’re kind of meeting your friends and keeping up-to-date in the art world in your city,” said Harb.

“At first I thought I was the best artist, but then I learned that hey, there are many more amazing artists out there. It made me want to go to that level.”

The show will be a collection of styles for buyers to choose from with painters, sculptors, live performers and photographers putting their work on display.

Sherry Ann Rodgers is Algonquin and originally from Winneway and Rapid Lake, both reserves outside of Maniwaki, Que., but moved to Gatineau when she was 16. Rodgers has recently sold pieces to the Carleton University Aboriginal Centre and will be one of the many artists featured on the Ottawa Light Rail Program.

Rodgers explores several genres including Indigenous inspired pieces, but her current focus is on portraits.

“The thing about drawing portraits for me is that I enjoy drawing the eyes,” said Rodgers.

“I find that if the eyes look right, the whole picture comes to life.”

Rodgers heard about The Music and Art Expo online and says she hopes the event is going to kick start her professional career.

“I wasn’t always confident about my artwork but now that I actually show my work to people and see that they really like it, it gives me the drive to create more and more each day,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers’s work will be on display with 100 other master pieces and local dance group, Mascarié, will perform a live set. 

“Whether you’re young or older, we’re looking for social people with good quality art,” said Harb.

“And people with the ability to send a message right away.”

For more information on the event and other featured artists, visit



  1. Patrick,S, Greene said:

    I’m disappointed that Meagan and I did not do the interview that we intended on, but I will be attending this event and painting live.
    Hope to see her there and maybe do a followup on the event with the curator of this event!

    Have an artful day!

  2. Meagan Sylvester said:

    Hi Patrick,

    I will be sure to see you at the party where I hope to take video for the website. Can’t wait to see your live painting!



    • Patrick,S, Greene said:

      Hello Meagan
      I have been of line for a while do to technical problems and was wondering if you have finished editing the live interview and photo op we had at the Music and Art Expo, if so can you please send me the copy? Really excited to see how it turned out, if it is okay with you can I use in my promotion package.
      Sorry you missed me painting, perhaps some time you could come to my studio or on location to observe me painting or sculpting!
      Have an artful day!
      Patrick S. Greene