Snowboarding: a hobby to plan


The trees have lost their leaves, animals are preparing to hibernate and birds are migrating south. This can only mean one thing, winter is near and quickly approaching.

Most people dread the cold, snowy and dark months of winter but not snowboarders. To a snowboarder winter means time to shred.


Before the snow covers the mountains and hills, and the season begins there are a few ways every snowboarder can prepare themselves for the upcoming season.


Fitness and Exercise


Being in shape is very important to both your health and your ride. Working out can improve your muscles that you will need while you are shredding down the mountain at top speeds. Increasing your stamina by doing cardio workouts can allow your full day at the mountain to be jam packed with nonstop snowboarding.

Exercising is also important because it increases your strength and allows you to be more durable which can potentially be the difference between a broken bone and a minor bruise when you take that hard spill on the hill.


Updating and fixing your gear


Any person who has ever been at the top of a double black diamond hill knows how important their gear is. Faulty gear can cause frustration and even serious injuries. So it is very important to make sure all of your gear is properly working and durable for your day on the mountain.

One very important part of your gear is effective and efficient goggles. These things not only look gnarly but they also protect your eyes from ice, snow and maybe even an edge of another board.

Other gear that all riders should have is: boarding pants, warm coat, warm and functional gloves, a mask, hat or helmet, warm socks and comfortable boots.

Of course you will also need a reliable freshly waxed board as well as functioning bindings.


“It’s definitely important to exercise in the off-season and update your gear,” said Kyle McCleery, an active snowboarder.


Scouting out the hills


Before heading out to the closest hill in your area, it is important to always scout out the hill first. You can do this by calling them or by simply going online to their website. This way you will know how many runs are open, how much snow they have and even when the last time they got fresh powder.

Online you have access to all the mountains around, so maybe if you want to try something new and change up your regular routine you could find a new hill to go to and expand your horizons and test your skills.

Scouting out the hills can also be useful in regards to finding special promotions or deals that you wouldn’t have been aware of previously.


Get your flow before you go


Snowboarding is not a cheap hobby; it can actually be very expensive at times. It is very important to compare prices of various hills and chose the location that best suits your pocket. Because there is nothing worse then getting to the hill and finding out the pass costs more money then you brought and you’re stuck watching your buddies shred from the chalet.

Night passes are usually cheaper than day passes and the half-day passes are usually the most inexpensive of them all. Another way to save money is by purchasing a season pass. At first you will be investing a large sum of your cash, but if you go enough it will be worth it and even save you some time and money.


Plan out your trip


It is very important to plan out your trip before you go. The excitement of going can often cause people to forget necessities and even their board. The best advice is to make a checklist of all of your gear then as you load it into your vehicle check it off.

Plan how long the trip will take, maybe if it is far away you will want to stay at a hotel after boarding all day. If this is the case you should book the hotel in advance because hotels near mountains tend to be very busy.

Take food and snacks with you and of course some beverages, and make sure your financial situation is intact. It never hurts to have some insurance cash with you just in case you may need it.


“Before you head out to shred you should always scout out the hills and plan your trip,” said McCleery.


So before you head out boarding remember these tips and overall just have fun shredding.