Underground chefs to grill Ottawa

Are you a chef looking to expand your business? Or just looking for Ottawa’s most delicious food?  Then Ottawa’s underground chef’s market is the place for you.

On Saturday Nov. 30 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., amateur and professional chefs will be showcasing their most enjoyable recipes at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

The event is being hosted by Privé Food Thought, an Ottawa-based communications company that promotes and supports independent culinary talent.  Their mission is to support Ottawa’s local food community by producing various events related to the production and promotion of food.

“There’s a lot of culinary talent in Ottawa,” said Roy Abourgeili, the owner of Privé Food Thought.  “Our goal is to connect these talented chefs with clients and have them taste their food.”

Many independent chefs have a hard time making it in the food industry.  Trying to compete with established brand names that have the money for advertising and sales promotions can be nearly impossible.

“We try to help chefs expand their business,” said Abourgeili, who is also the organizer of the event.   “Or if they don’t have a business yet we try to help them take that next step.”

Ottawa’s underground chef’s market is not your ordinary bake sale.  All chefs will cook their most refined dish side by side in a commercial kitchen.

The product is not only for potential business partners to enjoy, but it is also open to anyone looking to taste some of Ottawa’s most unheralded food.

Brent Smith, a second-year paralegal student at Algonquin College, will be attending the event in a non-business matter.

“I’m always open to trying new kinds of food,” said Smith. “With Ottawa being such a diverse city, I’m sure there will be a good mixture of cultural items that some people don’t get to try as often.  I’m really excited.”

The excruciating desire for Ottawa’s future food is just a bite away.