Our team

For the students, by the students. Our staff is made up of young adults from the journalism and advertising programs at Algonquin College. We aren’t doing it to get paid, because we certainly aren’t. We’re doing it because we want Ottawa students to have a magazine that is fresh, interesting, and reflects the post-secondary life. Our team works hard to create a magazine that students from all walks of life can enjoy. So next time you need a break from work, studying, video games, or whatever; we’ve got your back.


Abbass Ansari
Street Team ansa0027@algonquinlive.com

Ailsa Almeida-Stille
Digital Manager alme0050@algonquinlive.com

Areej Younes
Online Coordinator youn0540@algonquinlive.com

Brandon Taschereau
Sales Representative Tasc0007@algonquinlive.com

Camille Daoust
Designer daou0119@algonquinlive.com

Cameron Keighley 
Editor cameronkeighley@live.ca

Chase Van Wylick
Sales Representative vanw0059@algonquinlive.com

Connor Wilkie
Social Media Editor connorwilkie96@gmail.com

Fiona Scrivens 
Managing Editor scri0061@algonquinlive.com

Gabriel Halfin
Sales Representative half0014@algonquinlive.com

Hamda Elmi 
Visuals Editor elmi0065@algonquinlive.com

Kate Jenkins
Editor jenk0089@algonquinlive.com

Khuyen Vuong
Creative Manager vuon0025@algonquinlive.com

Lacy Horwood
Design Editor horw0010@algonquinlive.com

Morgane Thery-Legrix
Multimedia Editor ther0162@algonquinlive.com

Nicole Jahn 
Coordinator jahn0015@algonquinlive.com

Rawlin Miller
Distribution Manager mill0927@algonquinlive.com

Rayan Kallaa 
Copywriter & Designer kall0039@algonquinlive.com

Rianne Dempsey
Street Team demp0044@algonquinlive.com

Rene Torres 
Design Editor erre0005@algonquinlive.com

Selina Chojnacki
Street Team choj0009@algonquinlive.com

Stephanie Heng
Sales Representative heng0019@algonquinlive.com

Sydney Hill 
Promotions Manager hill0411@algonquinlive.com

Tyrell James
Visuals Editor jame0188@algonquinlive.com

Tyler Kidd
Managing Editor kidd0051@algonquinlive.com

Yassine Hindman
Sales Manager hind0052@algonquinlive.com